Choose a healthy and genuine product for your dog. Trust the local business of Eurocereali Pesenti.

Eurocereali Pesenti srl is an Italian avant-garde company committed to creating the perfect healthy formula for dog food. It has been producing dry food for dogs for almost thirty years, always controlling the origin of its raw materials and settling as one of Italy's highest quality manufacturers and retailers of dry food for dogs.

We have invented, produced and packaged Aldog®. The company's internal production is a huge asset for us, as we can provide you the peace of mind that is knowing where your dog's food comes from and what it contains. Our products are controlled and certified, as are our raw materials, submitted to daily verifications. The high quality of the ingredients can be verified by the client by checking our labels and the analytic components used. This means we are both manufacturers and retailers: our plant contains a very active research and development department, always searching for the perfect and innovative solution. On each of our bags of dog food you will find the words “Aldog® is manufactured and packaged by Eurocereali Pesenti srl”, assuring our consumers that we do not manufacture products for other companies, nor do we allow others to manufacture our products.



We promote Italian ingredients, using them to create healthy, balanced food for all dogs, manufacturing and selling food that respects animals.



Reaching each home with the perfect dog pellet that is great for all kinds of dogs and cats.



  • Focused on the nutritional well-being of animals.
  • Commitment to finding the perfect formula for all requirements a animal may have.
  • Home-made production and packaging, 100% Italian.
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