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Aldog Kibble for puppies

The Aldog product range dedicated to little friends

Dog's Age:
Puppy– Adult – Elderly– Pregnant and Nursing
Cat's Age:
Puppy- Adult
Dog's Food requirements:
weight control - dermatitis - monoprotein diet – grain-free diet - physical activity - apartment life
Cat's Food requirements:
Sterilised– apartment life
Package weight Aldog:
1,5kg, 3kg, 10kg, 12kg
Package weight 111/A:
Package weight Alcat:
400gr e 1,5kg
Dog Line:
kibbles for small-size dogs between 2 kg and 8 kg weight
kibbles for medium-size dogs between 8 kg and 25 kg weight
for large-size dogs weighing more than 25 kg
Cat Line:
single format
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The characteristics of Aldog puppy food:

The Aldog Puppy food are suitable for puppies from weaning to 12 months and to mothers who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

it's about:

  • natural, without chemical additives
  • rich in meat
  • easily digestible, because the cereals are subjected to double cooking
  • gluten free, for celiac dogs or dogs intolerant to this protein
  • from Italian supply chain with regional ingredients



What do Aldog dry food for puppies contain?

Our feed is studied by veterinarians who are experts in nutrition.
In particular in Aldog puppy food we find:
- prebiotics (FOS) for the balance of the intestinal flora
- choline chloride, for the assimilation of fats 
- chondroitin, glucosamine and methylsulfonylmethane for the joints
- linseed and / or salmon oil, for shiny and dandruff-free hair




In addition to being healthy, Aldog® puppy food is also good and appetizing. Natural chestnut extract is the only organoleptic additive present and the tastes are the most varied:
• pork and mixed meats
• pork and rice
• salmon and rice