111/A® kibble

Into the Centoundici / A® Premium Quality line there are several products designed specifically for the well-being of adult dogs.

Completely Made in Italy and made only with high quality ingredients, these kibbles are perfectly balanced to best meet your dog's energy needs.

Dog's Age:
Puppy– Adult – Elderly– Pregnant and Nursing
Cat's Age:
Puppy- Adult
Dog's Food requirements:
weight control - dermatitis - monoprotein diet – grain-free diet - physical activity - apartment life
Cat's Food requirements:
Sterilised– apartment life
Dog Line:
kibbles for small-size dogs between 2 kg and 8 kg weight
kibbles for medium-size dogs between 8 kg and 25 kg weight
for large-size dogs weighing more than 25 kg
Cat Line:
single format
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Centoundici/A® Premium Quality provides a range of complete nutrients, dedicated to the well-being of your animals, made with Italian selected ingredients in order to ensure a high quality product.

The goal of Centoundici/A® is to produce nutrients that meet the different needs indicated by the size, breed and age of your dogs, focusing on special formulations and transparency. These are special products, formulated with precious elements, rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals essential to feed your faithful friend every day and to ensure its healthy and balanced growth over time.

The formulations are characterized by recipes with more cereals and therefore with less meat* (*compared to the Aldog line) and are meant to meet the needs of dogs of all breeds.

The Centoundici/A® products can be purchased in the best specialized shops.