Cat line

Package weight Aldog:
1,5kg, 3kg, 10kg, 12kg
Package weight 111/A:
Package weight Alcat:
400gr e 1,5kg
Dog Line:
croquettes for small-size dogs between 2 kg and 8 kg weight
croquettes for medium-size dogs between 8 kg and 25 kg weight
for large-size dogs weighing more than 25 kg
Cat Line:
single format
Dog's Age:
Puppy– Adult – Elderly– Pregnant and Nursing
Cat's Age:
Puppy- Adult
Dog's Food requirements:
weight control - dermatitis - monoprotein diet – grain-free diet - physical activity - apartment life
Cat's Food requirements:
Sterilised– apartment life
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Alcat® Super Premium Quality provides a complete and balanced diet according to the size of each cat. Aldcat® is the ideal food for all cats of any size and need, and for any use and consumption.

All the proposed formulations are ideal to keep your cat's body weight under control, also according to its age and habits.

High quality protein sources, fats, vitamins and minerals that are the basic nutrients for every day. You will not need to worry about the best nourishing solution for your cat anymore, because Alcat® does it for you and your pet. Your cat will always be protected by your care and nourished by recipes specially designed for it.