Eurocereali Pesenti supports breeders that choose genuine Italian products for their dogs. This is why it has created Freedog®, a complete response to raise your dogs in the best possible manner.

Dog breeders must keep their dogs, regardless of breed, in the best conditions of well-being and health, with suitable conditions of hygiene, proper physical activity, and adequate nutrition. They need to improve the quality of life of the dogs they breed, acquire further knowledge on morphology standards, sanitary issues, and the dogs' behavioural and functional characteristics, choosing the nutrition that best suits their needs.

Its formulation is the nutritional answer for a healthy and balanced nutrition that will keep your dogs in the best health conditions.

Our raw materials

  • meats: Italian meats selected at the origin, top-quality only
  • fats: animal fats only. The absence of vegetable fats ensures a superior energy load.
  • vitamins, minerals and supplements: Our products contain chondroitin, glucosamine, taurine, omega 3 and omega 6, which play fundamental roles in the growth and maintenance of dogs.



Freedog® and Centoundici/A® are a trademark registered.

Freedog® is the dog food for professional use of Super Pemium quality, produced with selected, natural and Italian-origin ingredients with high protein content, added with vitamins and antioxidants for the health and well-being of any type of dog. Freedog® is a perfectly balanced product for health and well-being; it fully meets the needs of breeding dogs.

Due to their properties - natural, genuine, gluten free and Italian origin, Freedog® croquettes for experts meet the problems of breeding dogs, such as poor palatability and dermatological, immune, gastrointestinal, muscular and joint problems.

The formulations are characterized by more meat and less cereals* (*compared to the 111/A® premium quality line). The recipe of the feedstuff, in fact, is the nutritional answer to a healthy and balanced diet that enables keeping your dogs in the best condition of health.

This line comes in a single 20 kg format and the croquette sizes are Mini, Medium and Maxi.

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Centoundici/A® Premium Quality prevede una gamma di alimenti completi, dedicati al benessre dei vostri cani in allevamento, realizzati con ingredienti italiani selezionati per garantire un'elevata qualità del prodotto.

La missione di Centounidi/A® è produrre alimenti che soddisfino le diverse eseigenze dettate dalla taglia, razza ed età dei vostri cani, puntando sulla specializzazione delle formulazioni e della trasparenza. Prodotti speciali, formulati con preziosi elementi, ricchi di proteine, vitamine e sali minerali indispensabili per alimentare tutti i giorni il vostro fedele amico e per garantire la sua crescita sana ed equilibrata nel tempo.

Le formulazioni sono caratterizzate da ricette con più cereali e quindi con meno carne(*rispetto alla lina Freedog®) in grado di rispondere alle problematiche dei cani in allevamento di tutte le razze.

Questa linea ha un unico formato da 20 kg e la taglia della crocchetta è Medium.


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Why choose Freedog?

FREEDOG® is dry food for dogs. It was specially created by nutritionist veterinarians and dog breeders, and is made with selected, natural, and 100% Italian ingredients, with high protein contents and added vitamins and anti-oxidants for the health and well-being of all dog kinds.

  • punto-di-forza-freedog-01-bianco
    100% natural 100% genuine 100% Italian

    FREEDOG® is made with selected and genuine products, 100% Italian. This makes it the perfect food for pedigree dogs, regardless of the breed. Raw materials are controlled to obtain a product that conforms to the characteristics described in the Nutritional Facts table.

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    Created by experts in canine nutrition

    FREEDOG® was created with nutritionist veterinarians and dog breeders, with a formulation that corresponds to the daily nutritional needs of purebred dogs. Its special formula responds to all general issues of dogs, from low appetite to skin, immune system and gastrointestinal problems.

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    FREEDOG® is suitable and balanced nutrition for dogs of any breed, rich with vitamins, omega 3 and high meat contents. It is indicated to maintain and improve your dog's coat and to keep his skin healthy.

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    Food traceability

    FREEDOG® guarantees the quality of its raw materials on its labels, helping consumers know what they are buying.

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