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Our history

Eurocereali Pesenti srl was founded in 1991, on the foundations of the company belonging to the Pesenti family, active in the market since the 60's for third-party production of agricultural products. Initially, the company worked land belonging to other farmers and dried and stocked the harvested grain. Later, to fulfil the needs of farmers, the company decided to expand into the market of processing and storage of cereals for feeding of large animals, becoming one of the country's main companies in its sector.

In 2013, Eurocereali Pesenti launched Aldog®, a line dedicated to dog nutrition that allows dog owners to choose a healthy, complete product that is 100% Italian, with controlled origin. The goal is to improve and maintain the health and well-being of our pets. In times like this, when many companies are moving abroad to produce more for less, and with less quality, Eurocereali Pesenti has chosen to remain in Italy, promoting the products of its own territory and the businesses that inhabit it.

The Aldog® line has grown, adding increasingly specific products to provide all kinds of dogs with healthy nutrition.

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