Why choose our product?

Eurocereali Pesenti's mission is loud and clear: to strengthen our relationship with our furry friends by providing them with a healthy, balanced and tasty product, made with Italian ingredients.

  • made in italy
    Italian product

    The croquettes for dogs and cats are the ideal choice for those who want to feed their four-legged friend with food made in Italy.

  • grain free
    Gluten Free Formula

    This is complete, gluten-free food formulated for the daily well-being of your four-legged friend, specifically designed to give your pet the nourishment it needs.

  • Not testd
    Not tested on animals

    These products are not tested on animals, as we do not entrust anybody with animal testing tasks.

Non sai quali crocchette scegliere? Ti aiutiamo noi
La salute passa dal buon cibo

Non è solo questione di offrire al tuo cane o al tuo gatto manicaretti da leccarsi i baffi.

Il buon cibo li mantiene in salute: per questo ad Aldog® utilizziamo solo ingredienti regionali autentici e gluten free elaborati da nutrizionisti esperti.

E soprattutto, non sono testati sugli animali!

Trova la crocchetta perfetta
Dai dicci, per chi sono i croccantini?

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